Welcome to the Cult of the Amateur Book Group

This wiki is dedicated to the discussion of Andrew Keen's book The Cult of the Amateur: How today's Internet is killing our culture . Suggestions on how to approach this book group (and ultimately more in the future) can be discussed on the discussion tab of this page.

Discussion Outline

Chapter 1 - The Great Seduction
Chapter 2 - The Noble Amateur
Chapter 3 - Truth & Lies
Chapter 4 - The Day the Music Died (Side A)
Chapter 5 - The Day the Music Died (Side B)
Chapter 6 - Moral Disorder
Chapter 7 - 1984 Version 2.0
Chapter 8 - Solutions


David Weinberger's Review
"This is not just about the arts. We have an ecosystem also for producing and "polishing" knowledge."

Terry Freedman's Review

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